Igniting Kids' Interest in STEAM

Igniting Kids' Interest in STEAM:
The Magic of Hands-On Learning with the Unicoder STEAM Kids Club Lab

In the world of education, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) has been gaining momentum. At Unicoder STEAM Kids Club, we believe in the power of experiential learning and we're dedicated to making STEAM subjects accessible, interactive, and fun. How do we do this? With some of the most exciting educational tools and technology available today. Let's take a tour!

1. LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set

In a child's eyes, LEGO® is the ultimate tool of creativity and imagination. The SPIKE™ Prime Set takes this concept and transforms it into an educational journey. Kids learn coding and engineering concepts by building and programming robots. The hands-on experience helps them grasp complex concepts intuitively while encouraging creativity and problem-solving.


2. VEX IQ & V5 Kit (used for VEX Robotics Competition)

These kits are not just a collection of parts and pieces; they're the keys to a world of robotics. Kids get to assemble and program their robots, fostering a deep understanding of mechanical and software engineering principles. Participating in friendly competitions, they also learn teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking.

3. 3D Printer

3D printing brings children's ideas to life. From designing their first model to seeing it come alive layer by layer, kids learn spatial thinking, design principles, and the exciting possibilities of manufacturing and prototyping. This hands-on experience provides invaluable insight into the innovation process.


4. Drone Fly

Flying a drone is exciting, but what if you could build and program one yourself? Our drone activities offer a unique perspective on aerodynamics, electronics, and coding. Kids love the thrill of piloting their creations while learning about the science that makes it possible.


5. VR Glasses

Virtual Reality (VR) is an extraordinary tool that immerses users in a different world. At Unicoder, kids use VR glasses to explore space, the human body, historical landmarks, and more - all from the comfort of our club. It's a fun, interactive way to learn about various STEAM topics.


6. Microcontrollers and Electronics Kits

Understanding electronics and programming is fundamental in today's digital age. Our hands-on kits introduce kids to circuits, sensors, microcontrollers, and the basics of hardware programming. They learn to build and control their electronic devices, sparking interest in the world of electronics and computer science.


7. Science Lab Equipment

Our club offers a range of lab equipment for fun and engaging science experiments. From microscopes to chemistry sets, kids are introduced to the fascinating world of scientific exploration. It allows them to understand scientific principles and develop their curiosity.


At Unicoder STEAM Kids Club, we believe that learning should be fun, interactive, and engaging. By using these hands-on educational tools, we hope to ignite a passion for STEAM in every child and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need for the future. Come join us and let's make learning an adventure together!