Governor Youngkin’s Signature: A Testament to our mission

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Governor Youngkin’s Signature: A Testament to our mission

On July 18th, 2023, as a dedicated member of CAPA NOVA and UniCoder, I had the honor and privilege to be part of a “Parents Matter” event, engaging in a meaningful conversation with Governor Youngkin. This wasn’t just any ordinary day; it was a convergence of shared values and focused intention towards child education and safety! The occasion was extraordinary, as it allowed me to bring our community level of grassroots initiatives to the forefront of government attention!

Governor Youngkin is a visionary leader with a strong commitment to children's education and safety. He is always willing to listen to the voices of the parents and public. During the conference, the Governor raised many challenges that our children are facing, particularly the impact of inappropriate usage of social media. He further discussed the government's current efforts to formulate and implement a series of regulatory policies and his ongoing initiatives.

It's an encouragement beyond measure to see our state government dedicating efforts to empower parents and keep our children safe. I was so excited and full of confidence about the future of our children's education. It enhances the governance layer of protection, adding to our guidance-level safeguards for our young learners, and aligns seamlessly with CAPA NOVA’s and UniCoder's goals to fuel the spark for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) in children, while fostering digital citizenship and safe, savvy navigation in the world of web and social media.

I had the honor to share the mission of CAPA NOVA and the educational principles of UniCoder with the Governor, and he gave us his strong recognition and encouragement! He emphasized that the coordinated efforts of government and communities, a balanced approach combining top-down and bottom-up initiatives in shaping our society, are the most effective way to protect our children.

The Governor also personally autographed a UniCoder T-shirt, endorsing our efforts for the children and providing immense motivation for our kids to thrive under the right guidance. This is a symbolic gesture of support for our grassroots mission! This signature is not just ink on fabric; it's a testament to the importance of community-driven initiatives in shaping a safer and brighter digital future for our children!



I would like to recognize and appreciate the efforts put forth by CAPA NOVA, the Chinese American Parents Association of Northern Virginia! This nonprofit organization has consistently strived towards building a strong and supportive community for Chinese-American families, focusing on three critical work streams - “education”, “community building”, and “advocacy”. It is through their relentless pursuit of these objectives that I had such a golden opportunity to meet Governor Youngkin.

CAPA NOVA's dedication to community service has positively transformed countless lives. Their work goes beyond providing support; they foster a nurturing environment where every child, every parent, and every community member can flourish and reach their potential. By bridging gaps, creating opportunities, and promoting cultural exchange, CAPA NOVA is creating a robust community, rich with diverse threads of knowledge, experience, and passion.

CAPA NOVA and UniCoder STEAM Kids Club are committed to continuing in this journey. We will work tirelessly to equip our children with the knowledge, skills, and discernment they need in this digital age.

The government is doing its part, and so are we. We are in this together, for our children. I am heartened by the support we received from Governor Youngkin and excited about the road ahead. We are just getting started, and we have a world to change. Together, we can and we will make a difference!


Event Details

  • Date: July 18, 2023
  • Day: Monday